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[This article was our best-read XML-related article in 2006.] Since its inception, XML has been criticized for the overhead it introduces into the enterprise infrastructure. Business data encoded in XML takes five to 10 times more bandwidth to transmit in the network and proportionally more disk space to store. While most agree that verbosity is inherent to XML's way of encoding information (e.g., extensive use of tags and pointy brackets), the explanation of XML's perceived performance issue remains inconclusive. A popular belief is that since XML is human-readable text, it has to be slow and inefficient. And by the same token, proponents of binary XML seem to suggest that a compact encoding format, most noticeably the binary XML, would automatically lead to better processing performance. Does it make sense for doctors to prescribe medicine without a diagnosis? Whet... (more)

Index XML Documents with VTD-XML

Traditionally DOM or SAX-based enterprise applications have to repeat CPU-intensive XML parsing when accessing the same documents multiple times. VTD-XML 2.0 introduces a simple general-purpose XML index called VTD+XML (http://vtd-xml.sourceforge.net/persistence.html) that eliminates the need for repetitive parsing of those applications. This article combines various examples and the latest benchmark reports to show you how to get started with this indexing. This article also discusses various scenarios and use cases where you may find VTD+XML useful. Avoid Repetitive XML Parsing... (more)

Process SOAP with VTD-XML

SOAP is an XML based data protocol standardized by W3C for the purpose of enabling inter-application data exchange over the Internet. In a typical Web Services scenario, a SOAP message delivered via HTTP needs to be parsed before anything else can happen. As two popular SOAP processing methods, DOM and SAX/Pull force application developers to choose between performance/memory efficiency and ease of use. VTD-XML is the latest open-source, "non-extractive" XML processing API written in Java that overcomes many problems and issues of the status quo. The combination of its high per... (more)

SOA with Document-Centric XML Processing

This article introduces the concept of document-centric XML processing and a set of emerging document-centric capabilities such as cutting, splitting, and splicing documents at the byte level. It also explains how it solves one of the most fundamental technical issues hampering enterprise SOA and XML application development: the redundant serialization and de-serialization of object-oriented XML processing models such as DOM. Public Enemy #1: DOM's Problem of Modifying XML If a DOM-based application modifies a particular text node of an XML document, the following steps are needed... (more)